Levi De Keyrel's Race Recap of Round 6 of the Texas Outlaw Series

Levi De Keyrel's Race Recap of Round 6 of the Texas Outlaw Series

Article by : Doug De Keyrel

The weekend started with setting up on Friday and getting ready for 

practice. We had a great day of practice and I was running some really 

good times. 

Photo Credit Harlen Foley

We made a quick video to talk safety gear and promote Axcel Sports and 

their suits and gloves. After that everything was prepped and prepared for

Saturday's races. Then we loaded everything into the orange conex box for 

the night. It is awesome that Progressive Power Sports has three of these 

their team members can use. We only have an open trailer so we are 

thankful to be able to lock everything up at night. 

Saturday Morning Started with practice at 7:00 am and then straight into 

Pro Qualifying. After Qualifying was complete. Tex and Brian had the riders

Meeting. Brian announced the new name of the series as the Texas Outlaw 


My first race up was the 1000 LTD 12 + Class. The Texas Outlaw Series 

had decided to use the long start for this race weekend. That is why this 

pictures looks different than others in the past. I got a great jump and was 

in second place going into the first turn. 

(Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

I was able to make the pass into the lead before the end of the first lap. 

They kept me honest the entire race. This class has great competition in it. 

The limited rules allow Sway Bars, Exhaust, Tunes, Quickeners etc. Just

no internal engine work. This opens it up for a lot more drives. I was able

to take the win in my stock class car so I was feeling really good about 

the day. 

Up next for me was the 1000 STK 12+ race. I was ready and focused on 

trying to get the win………….. I only made it about another 300 feet past 

this picture. Another driver hit me in my left rear tire and started to turn me.

I was completely sideways with him pushing on my side when we went 

down into a roller. This caused my right side tires to hook and we both 

started tumbling. I think I flipped about 5 or 6 times and ended up way off 

the track by the water on my side. I was waiting for them to come flip me 

back over so I could go. Quinn from Progressive was one of the first guys   

there. He asked me if I was ok. I told him to flip me over. He said you car is

done bud…. They had me get out of the car and flipped it back on what 

was left of the wheels. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley

All of the time that had been put in to make sure the car was safe paid off. 

My dad had specced a Great American Short Course Legal cage for ABF 

to build which had higher standards than an average aftermarket cage. 

Using 120 wall tubing instead of 80 thousands. There were also specific 

places where tubes had to go. It was a good thing as the cage still came 

in contact with my Bell Helmet and broke it in the crash. 

As you can see this ended my day and maybe my season. We will see 

if we can get a frame and parts to start a build up again. Not sure how 

quickly we will be able to pull it off as for cost and parts availability. I really 

want to thank all my sponsors who have helped me get this far and helped 

me stay safe in this incident. Sparco seat and steering wheel. All still 

intact and did their job. HMF nerf bars. Kept it from crushing in the sides.

ABF cage. It kept me safe and did not completely crush in. Bell Helmets. 

The Helmet broke on top and I was completely fine. That's amazing. 

Thank You to all of you that support me and believe in me. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley

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Waiting to see what we can pull off. Thank You GOD for this opportunity.

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