Levi De keyrel Round 9 Race Report

Levi De keyrel Round 9 Race Report

Texplex Round 9                                  ( 10-23-2021 )

The weekend started off with the 3 hour drive to Texplex Park on Friday for 

practice. We were able to get 3 good rounds in and I had a blast. We 

washed my Progressive Powersports Honda Talon 1000 R all up and put 

on a fresh set of Maxxis SC-1 tires for race day. It is awesome have Dave 

at the track to help and for rider support for Maxxis Tires. Great to have 

Maxxis and Double E Racing supporting the series and being at the events. 

Saturday Morning started off with a fully prepped and full water track for 

practice. Brian and his crew had done an amazing job of getting the track 

ready. Thank You to Brian, Blake and the Lindamood crew for all their hard 

work on the track prep. 

After practice it was time for the riders meeting with Brian and Tex. If you 

have not heard one of Tex ( Octane Media ) Riders Meetings please look it 

up on social media. He kills it all day long and with his riders meetings. 

Brian brought up for everyone to be wearing their fire suits and gloves all 

time when on track. Including practice. Thank You to Axcel Sports and Bell 

Helmets for keeping me protected this entire season. Grateful for them. 

My first race up was Race 2 The 1000 LTD 12+ class. They had me lined 

up in position 1 all the way left. I got a great jump and was forced to take 

the outside option in turn one. It worked out and I came out in 4th. I made a 

quick pass into 3rd and started to push. 1st and 2nd we already starting to 

pull away and I drove as hard as I could but had nothing for them. They 

had more pace than me. I finished the race in 3rd. 

My next race was race 6 1000 STK 12+. Again I was lined up all the way to 

the left in slot 1. We were the third drop as the Women's Experts and 

Women's Amateurs dropped before us. They held us for a really long time. 

The Experts were almost coming around before we dropped. I got the 

holeshot and was out front. I pushed as hard as I could trying to drop my 

lap time and improve for my next LTD race. I had clear track most of the 

race as I only caught a couple of the girls in the amateur class. I  was a fun 

race and I was able to really work on hitting my marks and try to improve 

my lap times. I was able to find 2 seconds on the track in that race. 

After that race we would have a couple more races and then a lunch break 

before I would be up again. So I decided to take advantage of the Electric 

SXS David from Progressive had dropped off as a pit vehicle. We eat some 

MR. JIM’s Pizza and we're ready to get back to racing. 

The start of the second LTD was a mess. One drive jumped the start. Then 

the flagger threw the flag. I got a terrible start as some went on the flag 

some went when the driver jumped etc. I was in about 6th and just started 

passing. I knew I needed to get to the front quickly if I was going to win. I 

was up to 3rd by the end of the first lap. Worked my way into second and 

was pushing the chance down first.  I came into a corn and got hit hard in 

the back and pushed wide. This put me back into third. That is where I 

finished for the race and for the overall in the 1000 LTD 12+ class for the 


( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

The last race of the day for me was the 1000 STK 12+ class. We were 

again the third drop but the starter did not hold us as long. I got a great 

jump and was in full attack mode to try and catch the women's class 

competitors in front of me. I was able to keep second behind me and pass 

all the amateur womens class before the checkers flag. It was such a fun 

day and a great track. Can't wait to do it all over again in two weeks. I 

ended up going 3-3 in the LTD class and 1-1 in the STK class.

Thank You to my Sponsors for making it possible: GOD, Progressive 

Powersports, Jsportsxs, PPEI, FOX, Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, 

Method Wheels, Bell Racing, Tagger Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI 

Decals, HMF, PCI Radio's, Sparco, Motive Engineering           

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Championship Points with one double header round to go:

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