Levi De Keyrel Race Recap Of Rounds 1-2

Levi De Keyrel Race Recap Of Rounds 1-2

Texas Outlaw Series Round 1 and 2: March 5 and 6 2022

This is one of the hardest race recaps I have had to write. I feel like even
with all the work and effort myself and the team put in. We still let my
sponsors down.

The weekend started with leaving the house early Friday Morning to set up
and get ready for practice. We shot a quick video to let everyone know we
were at the race and ready for the weekend. Practice started and I jumped
on track and was ready.

The plan was to run in Automatic mode the first two laps to just get used to
driving again and then go to Manual mode and start pushing. I came
around to start my third lap of this new and super fun track that Brian with
the Outlaw Racing series had built. There is a little roller into a corner right
at the finish so you try not to get too much air. I went off the roller and I
think the transmission lost itself in the air. I came down and it locked up for
a second and went into neutral. I thought at first I blew it up. I was looking
ahead and was just getting ready to run some laps with Jacob and Kory
from PPEI. My dad is telling me to go and get with them on the radio.

I told him it would not go. Was blown up. He asked me if it revved up. I
check and said yep. He said then it's not blown up. He had me put it into
park and shut it all down. Then restart it. Still would not find gear. I got
towed back to our pit area and we tried to relearn the transmission two
times. Curtis and Cross Kirchmeier helped us and we could not get it to go
into any gear. I went over and talked with PPEI. Kory and Jacob came over.
We tried to relearn the transmission again but it was stuck. Seamed as
though a shift fork had bent.

So much time and preparation has gone into this Honda Talon for this
season to make the jump up to Stock Expert and Outlaw Expert
(Turbo Class) We Lightened the car as much as we could. PPEI had lots of
time into it on the dyno. We had tested different fuels. ALPINESTARS,
RaceCo USA, Keizer Wheels and MPI were all new sponsor that came
aboard for this season. So I really feel like I let them down.
We did not even stay and watch. We loaded up and head back to the shop
Friday night and got to work pulling the engine out. It was a huge job. Now I
know why insurance companies total so many of them out. Lots of hours.
We started calling around to see who could help in a pinch and give us a

fast turn around. The motor shipped out to CA and should start the rebuild

process on Monday. Thank You to TurnKey Industries for helping with
getting it ready and shipping it out.
Thank You to the following sponsors for believing in me and for your
support. GOD has a plan and we will continue to put the work in and give
him all the glory. GOD, Progressive Powersports, RaceCo USA, PPEI,
Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, Keizer Wheels, HMF, SSI Decals,
ALPINESTARS, Bell Racing, PCI Radio's, Motive Engineering,
Antigravity Batteries, Aim Data, OGIO Levi De Keyrel #53

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